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This is my personal page - maybe once I'll have some time for it!

Status update : I'm busy :-)

Recently built a few online tools:

1. PHP reCaptcha integration - the most simple I've seen. Source-code shared. Examples - all my forms actually.

2. HTTP Header viewer, Vesion 1.0: now I just found a slight bug following strange redirects.
   I'm working on it, but apart from that it's simple, fast and works. Source code available.

3. Text-only View: this is version 0.1 - it is a bit slow and the source is not very tidy, so I haven't shared it yet.
   But - it is still great for web development, SEO-troubleshooting, spam-detection, etc.

Upcoming: Live HTML5 designer - probably will use normalize CSS (or maybe build my own default css) and
          cover the most important semantic HTML5 elements to allow live styling of a sample page.

Update: on demand I launched a separate SEO-service, apart from the best ever Online marketing and IT support package!

More about Web Design, IT Support, Online Marketing, SEO, etc on my business page!